VII Online e-learning seminar for university professors



Learn with UCAV to specialise in the world of online education, a teaching model that is here to stay and has become even more important due to globalisation and the current social and economic situation in the world.


The seminar consists into 5 sessions taught on 5 different days.


Seminar will take place from Wednesday 13 July to Tuesday 19 July

All sessions will be held at 5pm Spanish time (also Central European Time)


1ª. Strategies for teaching social sciences online

Speaker: Dr. Iván Martín

Wednesday 13th July at 5pm Spanish time


2ª. Strategies for teaching science and technology online

Speaker: Dr. Carlos Romero

Thursday 14th July at 5 pm Spanish time


3ª. Assessment in ICT-supported learning environments

Speaker: Dr. Ana Isabel Muñoz

Friday, 15th July at 5pm Spanish time


4ª. The transformation of teaching in online learning environments

Speaker: Dr. Diana Eguía

Monday, 18th July at 5pm Spanish time


5ª. Online game-based learning 

Speaker: Dr. Gina Asunta Hernández

Tuesday, 19th July at 5 pm Spanish time